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Who We Are

SID_LOGO__Georgia-Ariel_520.jpg SID Vision Statement

SID is the world’s most prestigious forum that attracts the brightest minds and innovations in visual information technology.

SID_LOGO__Georgia-Ariel_520.jpg SID Mission Statement

SID will propagate electronic display and other visual information technologies from concept to market, to sustain a thriving industry.


Society for Information Display is comprised of the top scientists, engineers, corporate researchers, and business people of the display industry, valued at over US$100B annually. SID was formed in 1962 to promulgate display technology, and that work continues today, publishing a monthly Journal of SID, Information Display magazine, and our annual Digest of Technical Papers, which is presented at our annual spring Display Week Symposium and Exhibition. These publications are available online without additional charge for members.

SID’s annual Display Week is the world’s largest technical symposium and exhibition for emerging technologies in the high-growth global electronic display industry, expected to reach $169.2 billion by 2022. Display Week attracts more than 200 industry-leading value-add exhibitors, and more than 7,000 electronic display design, development, and engineering attendees from across the electronic information display value chain. Attendees gather from more than 50 countries to learn, source and network. They represent nearly every major industry sector, including but not limited to aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, commercial, education, entertainment, financial, government, industrial, marine, medical, military, retail and transportation.

SID has chapters located throughout the world; members are free to choose which chapter they wish to belong to, and many chapters webcast their technical meetings, some of which are available to members as recordings free of charge.

SID also promotes the SID-Wiley book series on display technology, and other conferences including LatinDisplay in Brazil, EuroDisplay in Europe, International Display Workshops in Japan, and Asia Display. Students are supported with deeply discounted memberships, and travel grants for some with the best papers. To train engineers, obtain fresh market perspectives for businesspeople, and for cutting-edge information on tomorrows displays, there's no place like SID!

The Society for Information Display

When you join the Society for Information Display, you are joining the international display community — and a local one. From Osaka to Eindhoven, you will find colleagues passionately involved in display and display-system design, integration, marketing, display standards, manufacturing, human factors, applications, and R&D.

Each of these display professionals is a member of the chapter of his or her choice. The chapters have periodic meetings, and some run conferences and trade shows that have national — even international — appeal. The chapters interact both directly and through the central SID International Office, and chapter meetings often feature speakers with international reputations. SID’s largest international gathering is the annual SID Symposium, Seminar, and Exposition, which attracts thousands of attendees, speakers, and exhibitors from around the world. Here, the members of the international display community come together face to face, share technical information, develop business opportunities, and make new friends — just as we have done since 1962. We invite you to join us.

Benefits of SID Membership

  • Join the international display community and become part of your local display community.
  • Access the most complete and most accurate information on displays.
  • Enjoy many opportunities for networking with your peers and with leaders in the field — in person and electronically.
  • Receive Information Display magazine, the world’s leading magazine devoted exclusively to display technology, applications, manufacturing, and marketing.
  • Online access to SID's Digest of Technical Papers
  • Receive the Journal of SID, the world’s leading technical journal devoted exclusively to display technology.
  • Receive timely information on forthcoming display conferences and trade shows — in locations from Hamamatsu to Orlando to London.
  • Work side by side on SID committees with industrial and academic leaders of the display community.
  • Be recognized within your company as a professional who is in touch with the latest in Display technology.
  • Obtain ongoing recognition and publicity for your company by having it become a Corporate Member of SID.